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SGS e-Customs

A set of innovative regulations and business concepts that meet customs requirements. Discover a faster, cheaper way to speed your cargo through border crossings, ports and beyond.

Customs Transit & Guarantee

The TransitNet network enables you to open transit documents covered by SGS’ guarantees in 25 European countries, including the UK, Ireland.

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VAT Services & Fiscal Representation 

Fiscal Representation allows companies to make an import declaration within the EU despite not being registered for VAT in the country where the declaration is made. 

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Import & Export Declarations

Every shipment between the UK and the EU now requires an export and import declaration. Making both declarations at the same time will save you time and money.

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Origin services

To benefit from any future free trade agreement, (either between the UK and EU or the UK and another country), you will have to prove the origin of your goods. 

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Process automation is the best way to minimize the burden of Brexit. We offer software solutions and guidance from a skilled team of data specialists and software developers. 

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Many Brexit traders have no experience with customs. Even those who do will still need to familiarize themselves with the new regulations and procedures.

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Around 1 million operations are started via TransitNet each year from 25 countries, including 23 countries using NCTS (New Computerized Transit System), Moldova and Belarus, which is a member of the Euro Asia Economic Union. TransitNet also offers export services from Switzerland and Poland. SGS’s brokerage services are currently available in the UK, the Netherlands,  Belgium, Ireland and Germany.
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Why choose SGS?

The world of customs services can be complicated and frustrating. SGS’s e–Customs expertise and coverage is very practical, serving a range of large and small clients, which includes transporters, forwarders, exporters and importers. SGS e-Customs takes the complexity and the frustration away from their clients, offering them a single window system to complete customs procedures.

Brokerage Services

SGS clients benefit from a whole suite of customs related services, such as export, import, representation, VAT services, certificate of origin and fiscal representation in several EU states. Services can be bundled or standalone. Clients can use our tool as SaaS or with the support of our declarants. SGS brokerage services in the Netherlands and Belgium are offered via our AEO certified affiliates.

Transit – Multinational Coverage Customs Guarantees

SGS clients can submit transit declarations from 25 NCTS and non-NCTS countries through a single application. Clients do not need their own customs guarantees; this is all provided by SGS. Our multilingual application embeds all national rules, enabling clients to create their transit declarations themselves and monitor them from departure to termination. SGS TransitNet is an authorised consignor and AEO certified in several countries. We offer additional services to support outbound journeys.

24/7 support

Clients of SGS can avail themselves of 24/7 support for all matters connected to their e-Customs services related declarations. Our team of over 300 customs and logistics experts is available to troubleshoot and advise, no matter how big or small the topic may be.

Why choose SGS?

After a short training session, even users who had no previous experience in customs transit will have the key knowledge and ability to create their own declarations through TransitNet.

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