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E-commerce is mostly about speed, large volumes, and deliveries to individuals or businesses. This process is regulated by local and European legislation, which can change at any moment.


Efficient and compliant solutions

You need a customs partner who knows all the ins and outs of European customs legislation and who can flexibly provide expertise, solutions, and support for your international e-commerce sales. We combine our specialized, up-to-date knowledge with our extensive experience to offer your e-commerce business flexible, efficient, and compliant solutions. We help businesses on a daily basis by taking care of their customs declarations, VAT returns, and excise duty returns. Our clients include businesses that deliver directly to private end consumers, distributors, and other companies from stock in their own warehouse, from an external warehouse partner, or a combination of both.

Automated solutions

For non-European online stores based outside the EU which sell and deliver directly to private end consumers, we have developed a ready-to-use, fully automated solution together with our partner GO EU Commerce. The pre-tariffed product catalogue is fully compliant and included in the GO EU platform. As a result, the private end consumer in Europe immediately pays the actual import duties, VAT, and shipping costs during the checkout process in the online store.

Software application

We have developed a special software application for European online stores that sell alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages to private end consumers within the EU. This automated application ensures that the payment of excise duties and consumption tax is made in the Member State of consumption. Go to the excise duties service section for further information about our software application.

Customized solutions

For sales to business recipients such as your distributors, we can help you with a customized solution in consultation with your logistics department or external warehouse partner. This can be combined with our solutions for fiscal representation if required. Contact us for an initial consultation and assessment, without obligation, with one of our experts.


To make things as easy as possible, SGS e-Customs has developed a fully automated Brexit solution which ensures that you comply with all customs obligations for your e-commerce shipments while keeping costs and workload to a minimum and avoiding any delays.

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Why choose SGS?

The world of customs services can be complicated and frustrating. SGS’s e–Customs expertise and coverage is very practical, serving a range of large and small clients, which includes transporters, forwarders, exporters and importers. SGS e-Customs takes the complexity and the frustration away from their clients, offering them a single window system to complete customs procedures.

Brokerage Services

SGS clients benefit from a whole suite of customs related services, such as export, import, representation, VAT services, certificate of origin and fiscal representation in several EU states. Services can be bundled or standalone. Clients can use our tool as SaaS or with the support of our declarants. SGS brokerage services in the Netherlands and Belgium are offered via our AEO certified affiliates.

Transit – Multinational Coverage Customs Guarantees

SGS clients can submit transit declarations from 25 NCTS and non-NCTS countries through a single application. Clients do not need their own customs guarantees; this is all provided by SGS. Our multilingual application embeds all national rules, enabling clients to create their transit declarations themselves and monitor them from departure to termination. SGS TransitNet is an authorised consignor and AEO certified in several countries. We offer additional services to support outbound journeys.

24/7 support

Clients of SGS can avail themselves of 24/7 support for all matters connected to their e-Customs services related declarations. Our team of over 300 customs and logistics experts is available to troubleshoot and advise, no matter how big or small the topic may be.

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