Providing advice, guidance and support

International trade is becoming increasingly complex and customs legislation and regulations are constantly changing. SGS helps your business to ensure that its procedures comply with the latest legislation and regulations, rules, import and export requirements and advises you on an operational level. Our consultancy services cover all customs products offered by SGS, including those related to Brexit.

Many Brexit traders have no experience with customs. Even those who do will still need to familiarize themselves with the new regulations and procedures. Our customs consultants are here to help you prepare for Brexit customs compliance. Whether you need to apply for licenses, train your staff or align your commercial and logistics arrangements with the new customs formalities, our consultants will help you navigate the new requirements. Discover our consultancy services for international trade. 


Discover how SGS can help you navigate customs post-Brexit. We are the only customs partner you need to transform Brexit from a burden into a competitive advantage.