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SGS TransitNet

TransitNet is currently connected to 25 different customs systems. These include 23 NCTS countries, Moldova and Belarus in the Euro Asian Economic Union, giving our clients access to 40 countries of destination including Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. TransitNet is constantly expanding and developing to meet our clients’ needs. 

TransitNet is a universal, multimodal e-customs transit guarantee service in which SGS acts as holder of the procedure (HoP) towards customs on behalf of its clients (transporters, brokers, freight forwarders, etc), enabling them to create transit declarations and submit them along with a financial guarantee in favor of customs to any of the customs systems where SGS is HoP. TransitNet is a secure, multilingual, web based platform that captures, controls and monitors transit declarations, allowing you to track them online until termination.

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With SGS TransitNet’s extensive coverage and our significant guarantee pool, we are able to offer our clients an unbeatable range of possibilities. 

SGS TransitNet | By the Numbers


Transit declarations per year


Countries covered


Satisf­ed clients

850+ mln

Guarantee amount

About TransitNet 

TransitNet is web based, multilingual and customized for transit management. It also adheres to and embeds all national transit and customs rules. The application features a risk and rules tool which is adapted based on the client’s specific needs and profiles to manage customs debt exposure online. This multinational single window management of transit is unique in the world of customs services. It guides the user through the creation of a transit declaration following an ergonomic approach. Watch the video to find out more! 

TransitNet – the solution for Brexit

Brexit has had a massive impact on all companies which import, export, trade with or transport goods from and to the UK. Until the end of the transition period, there had been no need for customs declarations for trade between the UK and the majority of continental Europe. Post-Brexit, all of these shipments now require a customs declaration. One of the customs procedures is customs transit. Transit gives companies the possibility of moving the clearance of their shipments away from an EU/UK exit and entry point to a location closer to the destination of their goods, removing the need to perform import procedures before the goods have even arrived in the EU/UK.

Why choose SGS TransitNet?

Multinational coverage

SGS TransitNet clients can submit transit declarations from 25 countries, including 23 NCTS countries, Moldova and Belarus, to other EAEU regime countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Customs guarentees

TransitNet clients do not need to own their own customs guarantees. All transit declarations created via TransitNet are submitted using SGS’s own customs guarantees in accordance with customs territory regulations.

24/7 support

SGS TransitNet clients can avail themselves of 24/7 support for all matters connected to their transit declarations created in the system.

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NCTS 5 – SGS TransitNet has you covered!

All members of the Common Transit convention are in the process of updating their customs systems to meet the new requirements of NCTS 5. Member countries are required to complete their transition to NCTS 5 by 1st December 2023 (this is the official date from the European Commission but it is likely to change)

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SGS TransitNet FAQ

Everything you need to know about SGS TransitNet services in one place

1. What is TransitNet?

TransitNet is a web-based platform that enables you to submit transit declarations from 26 countries including 24 countries in the NCTS as well as Moldova and Belarus. TransitNet generates ENS declarations (Safety and Security) in specific countries and is connected to systems such as the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) in the UK.

2. What makes TransitNet different to other transit software providers?

TransitNet is unique when compared to other transit software as TransitNet offers access to 26 customs systems through one single window. Whilst offering clients access to these customs systems, TransitNet is unique in that it also provides the necessary customs guarantee for all transit declarations submitted via TransitNet.

3. What is transit?

Transit is a customs procedure which is used to move goods between two points, whether or not within the same customs territory. It suspends the payment of any applicable taxes and duties until the goods have reached their final destination. It moves the import clearance of any goods away from the entry point of a new customs territory to an inland location such a government customs office or an authorized consignee.

4. What are T1 and T2 declarations?

T1/T2 are transit declarations. Whether you will use a T1 transit declaration or a T2 transit declaration depends on the origin of your goods. A T1 is necessary for third country goods, for example for UK goods being exported and delivered to a destination in the EU. A T2 is necessary for the movement of goods with EU origin, for example from the EU to the UK or from one EU country via a “third country” to a destination in another EU country.

5. In which countries is TransitNet present?

TransitNet is currently connected to 24 NCTS countries including the UK, Turkey, France, Switzerland and Poland as well being able to offer services in Belarus and Moldova. This gives users of TransitNet access to over 40 destinations. For a full list of our coverage, see the map above or use the Contact us form to request particular information on a country of departure in TransitNet.

6. What are the requirements to become a user of TransitNet?

The requirements for your company to become a registered and approved client of TransitNet vary from country to country. The specific requirements depend on market conditions but generally include;


  • Your company should hold a transport license or a customs broker certificate were relevant.
  • Depending on the type of company, a minimum fleet of vehicles is necessary.
  • Your company should be approved by a due diligence process (completed internally by SGS).
  • Your company should have no customs claims in the past which cannot be explained properly.
  • Your company should sign the SGS TransitNet Service Agreement.

7. Do I need my own software to use TransitNet?

TransitNet is a web based application. There is no need for any special software. All that is needed is internet access which gives you access to the TransitNet application where you can submit declarations to 26 national customs systems.

8. Do I need training to use the system?

Yes, you do not need to be a customs expert to use TransitNet. SGS TransitNet will provide a short training session which will allow users to begin to use the application. Outside of TransitNet, clients of TransitNet should have an understanding of customs procedures, specifically transit and the necessity to discharge and clear transits at a customs office of destination or an authorized consignee’s premised.

9. How much time does the onboarding process take?

Once all the requirements are met and your company has passed our due diligence process, you will be able to begin using the service. This usually takes up to one week. TransitNet has tried to streamline the onboarding process to make it as efficient and transparent as possible.

10. Do I have to do the declarations myself?

In TransitNet we have two models for our clients. These models are “e-client” and “non e-client”. E-clients have direct access to TransitNet and complete declarations themselves. Non e-clients request the assistance of SGS declarants to complete the transits on their behalf. The e-client model is generally cheaper and more efficient than the non e-client model as users have direct access to TransitNet and perform the date entry themselves.

11. How much does a transit declaration cost?

The cost of a transit declaration depends on the customs debt (guarantee) which is calculated for a particular shipment. For declarations with a guarantee amount of below 100,000 Euro, this is usually divided into ranges. Depending on the range your transit declaration falls into, a specific price will be assigned. If there are multiple transit declarations in a truck (group), the price for the group is calculated based on the total guarantee amount plus an additional surcharge per transit declaration.

12. How is the guarantee amount (customs debt) calculated?

The guarantee amount for a particular shipment is calculated based on the import taxes and duties on the goods applicable in the country where the transit will start. This includes VAT, excise and any other applicable duties. For example, for most “regular goods”, the guarantee amount will be calculated based on the VAT in the departure country (Goods with 100,000 Euro value from the UK, 20% VAT applies, guarantee amount is 20,000 Euro).

13. Do I need to calculate the guarantee amount myself?

TransitNet has the tariff books of all countries where it is active uploaded and maintained in the system. TransitNet automatically calculates the customs debt based on the data entered by the user.