SGS is launching a unique customs solution for Irish companies to navigate Brexit

Post-Brexit, Irish companies using the UK landbridge to transport their goods to and from mainland Europe, and beyond, will need a Transit Customs Declaration. To help with this, SGS has created a unique, easy-to-use digital solution for the Irish market, where users can create and submit Transit Declarations to the Irish Revenue customs system in advance of their journey. To ease any financial burden on companies, SGS also provides the financial guarantee in favor of Customs that can be up to and in excess of 28% of the total value of the goods being transported. 

From January 1, 2021, the UK will effectively become a ‘third country’ and any goods moving from Ireland to the EU via the UK landbridge and vice versa will require a Transit Declaration. 

To submit a Transit Declaration, companies need a comprehensive customs guarantee and customs adapted software. These can be difficult and expensive to obtain and maintain. 

SGS TransitNet offers Irish companies a multinational e-customs transit service without the need to have their own guarantee or software. Taking the headache out of approaching banks or lenders for large guarantees is a big advantage. With SGS’s significant guarantee pool, we can assure companies that when they sign up to the TransitNet service, the resources are available to cover multiple transit movements including transit declarations for high value goods such as medicaments and excise goods. 

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