Great Britain – inland customs facilities

There are a number of inland customs offices where it is possible to start transit declarations in Great Britain and where drivers can present themselves at customs (except Dover). These locations are 24/7 and operate 365 days a year.

You can find more information about the location of these inland border facilities at the below link:


Drivers can check the availability of these locations at the below link;


For drivers wishing to attend these locations, drivers must be in possession of a valid LRN. A transit declaration starting from one of these locations should have the unique customs office code GB000060 as customs office of departure. The detailed process below;

  • Client or SGS TransitNet client centre creates the transit declaration in TransitNet, uploads the accompanying documents (e.g. CMR, Invoice, Export declaration ) into the system and submits the (group) of declarations (The customs office of departure should be GB000060).
  • The data is sent to HMRC and once validated an “Acknowledge Message” will be sent by HMRC to TransitNet. This message will be visible in the declaration history. If this message is not visible, it means the LRN is not visible for HMRC.
  • Once a valid LRN is generated, the driver may attend one of the inland locations.
  • On arrival at the inland location, the driver should present the LRN or the group of LRN’s and the commercial documents (invoice, CMR and EX)
  • HMRC will check the details of the LRN against the documents and process it accordingly.
  • If no issues, HMRC will assign the declaration an MRN per decalartion and then release the truck for transit.
  • At this point, HMRC will provide the driver with a copy of the printed Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) – in case of groupage driver must verify he received all printed TADs
  • Before releasing the truck for transit (step 6), HMRC may decide to control the truck (the driver will be informed accordingly).
  • If the results of the control are satisfactory, the transit will be released for transit and the TAD will be generated and provided by HMRC to the driver.
  • The driver may continue their journey to the EU remembering to register their MRNs in the relevant EU port system if necessary (Contact SGS for support if needed)

To ensure access to one of these sites, it is also advised to pre notify Border Force of your arrival to one of the locations at the below link;

Approved clients of SGS TransitNet can start transit declarations from any one of these inland locations.

For more information, please contact SGS TransitNet or your local client centre.

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