The Port of Immingham – starting transit declarations: DFDS sailings

Each port in the UK have their own specific procedures for starting transit procedures.
Immingham is one of the most popular exit and entry ports in the UK due to its regular sailings from the UK to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. DFDS is the biggest ferry operator from Immingham.

Approved clients of SGS TransitNet can start their transit declarations from Immingham. Drivers cannot present themselves to Border Force (UK customs) in person to release the transit(s).

To allow the process to be completed, declarations must be submitted to the UK NCTS system under the “normal” procedure from customs office of departure code GB000074. This means that when the declaration is positively received by HMRC, an LRN is issued. This can take place a few days before sailing. TransitNet users must check the acknowledgment from HMRC has been received in TransitNet.

For trucks/containers which will travel on DFDS crossings, the LRN number (s), copy of the temporary TAD(s), the commercial documents as well as the truck registration and destination details should be sent (by the client or SGS) to DFDS email address:

In the subject line of the email, the Unit ID (vehicle details), Date of Shipment and Destination should be indicated. If possible, the estimated time of arrival of the truck to the port should also be provided in the email. This should be done as early as possible on the day of the sailing or if the sailing is an early one, the day before the sailing. DFDS will then contact Border Force to arrange the processing of the transit declaration and issuance of TAD. The TAD will be provided by DFDS staff to the driver whilst onboard the ferry.

In case Border Force (UK customs) deny the release of transit, the client must contact Border Force (see contact details below).
If the TAD has been generated at an inland location (customs office or authorized consignor), the MRN should be entered into the booking via MY DFDS freight, or it should be supplied to the relevant booking team who may add it to the booking.

For more information on starting transits from the Port of Immingham, please contact

– Immingham Customs:

– Your local SGS client centre

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