France: ENS Requirements and TransitNet – as of March 1, 2021

A truck, trailer or container entering France without a valid ENS MRN may be fined or even turned back.

For trucks/trailers/containers which enter France from the UK via the ports and customs offices on the left (part of the French Smart Border system, SI Brexit), a separate standalone ENS declaration is required to be submitted to the French Import Control System.


TransitNet is connected to the French Import control system and generates the ENS submission once the transit declaration has been submitted to customs. For a successful ENS submission, it is mandatory that the correct EORI number of the transporter is registered in TransitNet. If an EORI number is not provided as part of the ENS, the submission will be rejected. TransitNet has developed a validator which ensures that the declarations (transit and ENS) cannot be submitted without the user indicating an EORI number.

A successfully submitted ENS declaration will be shown on the Summary Page of the transit declaration in the section Voyage Details. The ENS MRN will be indicated as well as the ENS status which should be CLEARED. A no reply email message will also be sent to the TransitNet user’s email address informing them of the necessary valid ENS MRN.

If the status is not CLEARED the ENS status may show as REJECTED. Users of TransitNet will receive a no-reply email message informing that the ENS has been rejected. In this case, please contact your SGS TransitNet client center who will take appropriate action to ensure the ENS is successfully submitted. It may be necessary to provide your client center a valid EORI number for the transporter mentioned in the declaration.

It is not necessary for the driver to have the ENS MRN. The pairing of the ENS MRN with the vehicle’s registration numbers will be done automatically via the French Smart Border System (SI Brexit).

For more details and for any questions, please contact your local client center.

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