Portsmouth Port – starting transit declarations

Portsmouth is another exit port from the UK with ferry connections to France via the ferry company Brittany Ferries.

It is possible to start transit declarations from this port under the normal/standard procedure. The customs office of departure code should be GB000292.

The Customs Office at Portsmouth require the LRN of the transit declaration to be sent in advance along with the commercial documents to the below e-mail address;


SGS may do this on behalf of our clients if requested.

Customs may or may not acknowledge the receipt of the e-mail. After some time, the LRN will be processed by UK Border Force and an MRN and TAD (Transit Accompanying Document) will be generated. The TAD may be collected from inside the port area beside the Brittany Ferries check in desk. There will be a Border Force sign at the appropriate location to collect the TAD.

Please note that Brittany Ferries will not allow the truck to board the ferry without a valid T1 declaration.

The necessary ENS declaration for entry to France is generated by TransitNet and the ENS MRN is paired by the French Smart Border System (SI Brexit) with the vehicle registration numbers automatically.

For more information on starting transit declarations from Portsmouth Port, please contact your local client centre or UK Border Force located at the following address;


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