Northern Ireland – starting transit declarations from Belfast Harbour

For trucks which will transit Great Britain and with a destination in a Common Transit country, a T2 transit declaration is required.
For trucks which will transit Great Britain and with a destination outside of the EU and not in a Common Transit member country, a T1 transit declaration is required to the exit border of the EU.

It is possible to open transit declarations from Belfast Harbour under the normal procedure. The customs office of departure code should be XI000142.


A pre-notification must be sent by email to to UK Border Force in order for them to process the transit. The email should contain the LRN of the transit along with the commercial documents. The email should be sent to to;

UK Border Force team at Belfast Harbour customs will process the transit declaration and return an MRN and TAD (Transit Accompanying Document) to TransitNet.

Additional Information

It is necessary to register the transit MRN in GVMS for entry to Great Britain to ensure that the office of transit function is performed on entrance to Great Britain. Registration in GVMS can be performed by SGS on behalf of our clients.

For transits which will re-enter the EU via France, it is the responsibility of the transporter to organise the mandatory ENS declaration. For transit declarations submitted via TransitNet, the ENS declaration is generated automatically and sent to the French Import Control System. The pairing of the ENS MRN with the vehicle registration numbers is done automatically by the French Smart Border System (SI Brexit).

Closing a T2 transit declaration

For transits with goods which are destined for destinations within the EU, SGS recommend closing the T2 in our partners location, the Calais Truckstop. Conveniently located in Calais, it is the perfect location to discharge a transit before continuing your journey to the destination of your goods. For trucks travelling with SPS goods, please make sure your driver has a copy of the validated CHED. For more information on SGS’ cooperation with the Calais Truckstop, please see our brochure below;


SGS-C&P-TransitNet_Calais Truckstop A4-EN-03-21








For more information on opening transit declarations from Northern Ireland please contact your local client centre or email UK Border Force at the below email address;

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