New import requirements for composite products (products containing both processed products of animal origin and plant based products)

Situation before 21 April 2021:

  • Many products containing products of animal origin (POAO) are already subject to health certificates, pre-notification in Traces and inspections at border control posts:
      • All products which contain meat
      • All products containing more than 50% processed POAO
      • All non-shelf stable products containing any quantity of milk
  • However, products without meat and containing less than 50% of processed POAO were normally exempt from health certificates, pre-notification and inspections at BCPs


Situation from 21 April onwards:

  • Stricter controls and requirements will apply to products without meat and containing less than 50% of processed POAO. Which controls apply depends on the following distinction:
      • Products that are not shelf-stable (i.e. perishable, must be transported and stored at controlled temperatures) will require a health certificate, a pre-notification in Traces and inspection at a BCP
      • Products that are shelf-stable must be accompanied by a ‘private attestation’. These products are further subdivided:
          • If the products are classified as low risk a pre-notification on Traces is not required and no inspection at a BCP is required.
          • Other products must be pre-notified on Traces and are subject to veterinary checks at BCPS
      • The list of low risk composite products that do not require pre-notification and inspection at BCPs can be found here:
  • Less strict controls and requirements may apply to shelf-stable composite products containing more than 50% POAO but no meat, such as dairy products that do not have to be temperature controlled. These products will have to be accompanied by a private attestation instead of a health certificate.


The private attestation:


For more information please download the PDF file below;








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