SGS e-Customs launches Export services in Ireland

SGS e-Customs are delighted to announce that we have grown our customs services with the introduction of export services from Ireland. The service was launched on the 14th June 2021.

Brexit has considerably increased the demand for export, import and transit declarations on the island of Ireland. From Ireland, SGS has been successfully offering a complex transit service including transit with guarantee, entries into GVMS and entries into both the French and Irish ICS systems since the 1st of January 2021.

The addition of export declarations to our SGS’ e-Customs offer from Ireland is another step in our goal to offer a comprehensive customs service from Ireland.

SGS TransitNet offers our clients a unique service in combining the submission of an export declaration plus a transit declaration for a discounted fee. Export + Transit is currently needed for movements of goods from Ireland which will finish in a third country, for example anywhere outside the EU including Great Britain, Turkey, Switzerland, Serbia and Russia. Transit to Great Britain can also be a great way to ensure that your goods are not delayed at the exit and entry ports of Ireland and Great Britain and that the truck can freely move through the ports closer to the actual destination of the goods.

SGS is also able to offer import services in the UK to offer the full range of services necessary for the flow of goods between Ireland and Great Britain.

For more information on export declarations from Ireland and for the range of services that SGS e-Customs offer, please contact your local client centre or use the contact form to get in touch.

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