Transit of humanitarian relief goods from the UK simplified

Customs formalities in the Netherlands have been temporarily simplified for humanitarian relief goods from the United Kingdom that are destined for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

The goods are now classified as ‘non-commercial goods’, which means that they can pass through the borders without delay. Humanitarian relief goods are understood to mean relief goods in the broadest sense of the word.


Verbal declaration

To make this possible, an oral declaration can be made for these goods. In this case, the normal procedures for import and transit can be omitted for the time being. However, for shipments with a value above € 1000, proof can be requested showing that it concerns humanitarian relief goods. This may be a statement from the person making the declaration or who owns the goods, showing that the goods are made available ‘free of charge’ to the victims of the war in Ukraine with a global description of ‘goods’.


Declaration in AGS also possible

An import declaration can also be made for these goods. This can be done without any duties. Fill out the declaration as follows:

Shipping country: UK
Country of Origin: UK
Commodity code: 9919 0000 60
Goods description: goods for the benefit of disaster victims (Ukraine)
Preference code: 100
Do not enter a document code.

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