Are you ready for the change to CDS from CHIEF?

Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) allow goods to be imported into the United Kingdom without a full import declaration being made at the time of arrival. Many businesses used a form of CFSP in 2021, when a temporary easement was in place to allow for retrospective declarations. Now that this easement has been removed, many importers, or their representatives, are considering the benefits the authorisation provides.

HMRC recently announced that the CDS platform has been extended to allow for testing of messages in support of new authorisations for Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP).


Although the Customs Handling of Import/Export Freight (CHIEF) system is due to be removed from use during 2022, this had previously been the only platform through which traders were able to submit such messages. As a result, some businesses had to demonstrate one process, in the knowledge that a slightly adjusted version would soon be required.


Access CHIEF and CDS with SGS

As a leading UK-based provider of customs software, SGS’s eGTA platform offers access to both CHIEF and CDS, leading the way as new message types are released into CDS. We are keen to ensure this trend continues and are actively working with clients looking to utilise the benefits of CFSP, while deepening our working knowledge of CDS to benefit of our wider client base.


As a customs broker, we also hold CFSP authorisation, achieving the status as we prepared for additional Brexit-related volumes in 2021. SGS is a fully compliant, collaborative software provider, with recent experience of navigating the HMRC authorisation process and ready to support businesses that want to analyse and utilise the benefits that CFSP authorisations provide.


Ian James, SGS Customs Software Business Manager, said: “This is a welcome move by HMRC and aligns with our current on-boarding strategy, which strongly recommends that new declarations start on CDS to save clients from learning a legacy system and having to migrate later.  Every month there is an advancement of HMRC’s new CDS platform and our SGS eGTA customs software, so there are growing benefits for traders and those who wish to perform electronic customs declarations, either manually or via automation.”


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