UK postpones veterinary checks until 2023

The UK has announced that no further import controls will be introduced for goods from the EU this year. The British government will clarify in the autumn what the new import controls will look like. The current controls will remain in effect.

The new import controls will be introduced at the end of 2023. Companies can therefore stop their current preparations for the formalities that would apply from July.


Further import controls from the end of 2023

These checks will not be introduced in 2022, but only at the end of 2023:

  • sanitary and phytosanitary checks at a border control post and not at the place of destination
  • control of Safety and Security Statements (ENS)
  • SPS controls for imports from EU
  • control of imports of refrigerated meat from EU

The UK processes these checks in the so-called Border Operating Model.

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