Transit movement changes in GVMS

HMRC have announced a number of changes for GVMS that will take affect from the 1st August 2022. Details of the changes can be found at the below link;

In summary, the changes will impact companies as below;

  1. For all declarations processed at Customs Offices under normal procedure, the driver will need to be in possession of a valid LRN and a valid GMR.
  2. The GMR should contain all export references (DUCR) which must also be referenced in the transit declaration.
  3. When processing under normal procedure at the customs, a MUCR (a group of DUCRs) will also be accepted by customs instead of a GMR. A valid GMR however will still be needed for exiting the UK at the port of exit – in this scenario the transit MRN may be included in the GMR instead of the DUCR numbers.


The updates are due to be deployed in our TransitNet platform on the 1st August 2022. TransitNet is ready to support your GVMS requirements under the new processes.

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