New Prenotification Requirement in Trieste Port

SGS provides a full transit service from the important port of Trieste and Fernetti area supporting movements to/from Turkey.

As of the 1st November 2022, a pre-notification known as a “Customs preavviso” needs to be lodged electronically to allow entrance to Trieste Port. It is obligatory for vehicles arriving at Trieste Port by road to submit a prenotification to the port system before entering the port. Vehicles that arrive at the port by train or by sea vessels are currently exempt from this requirement.


As of the 1st of November, SGS can provide this pre-notification service via our official partner Billitz who are located in the port area of Trieste and Fernetti.


Contact us today for more information on this new requirement and how SGS can support your movements via Trieste port.

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