SGS TransitNet has received Authorized Consignor status for its facility in Hadımköy, Istanbul, Turkey.

SGS TransitNet is proud to announce its facility in Hadımköy has been officially granted Authorized Consignor status by the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade. This means that the facility is now authorized to conduct the following services at a single point:

  • Inspections of goods and vehicles
  • Weighing of vehicles
  • Sealing of vehicles
  • Preparation and release of transit declarations

Upon completion of the Authorized Consignor procedure, trucks can proceed directly to the point of destination without additional stops, speeding up the export process and reducing the potential for delays.

Transporters using SGS’s Authorized Consignor service benefit in a number of ways:

  • Trucks do not have to visit the Turkish internal customs office prior to departure
  • Long delays at internal customs offices are avoided
  • There are no additional charges for formalities at the customs office of departure, such as registration, overtime, weighbridge fees, customs agent fees, etc.
  • There is a reduced need for transporters to ask questions such as:
    • Has my Transit Declaration been prepared?
    • Has my vehicle been inspected?
    • Has it been sealed?
    • Has it been cleared at customs?
  • Transporters can be confident that vehicles can travel directly to the destination country’s customs office with all pre-export requirements having been completed

Our Hadımköy facility is conveniently located at Istanbul’s primary point of departure for exported goods, very close to the Muratbey customs office. It is kilometers from both the North Marmara and TEM highways, making it easily accessible from all directions.

We are now looking expand our range of services at the Hadımköy site with the addition of storage facilities. These will allow goods to be stored onsite, with handling, consolidation and loading services being made available on the day of shipment. We plan to extend these valuable services to other locations in Turkey in the near future.

For more information, please contact:

Trade and Facilitation Services

Transitnet – t: 0090 212 368 40 20
Customs Istanbul – t: 0090 531 501 11 73

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