From 1st August 2023, HMRC are introducing some important changes for GMR’s which are generated using the MRN of a transit declaration started from an Authorised Consignor location.

From 1st August 2023, it will no longer be possible to create a GMR for outbound movements starting in the UK using the MRN of a transit declaration.

This affects declarations created under the simplified procedure from an Authorised Consignor location (such as SGS’ partner The Custom House) as it now means that the GMRs for such movements will need to be created using the DUCR numbers of the Export declarations.


As per GMRs created for transit declarations under normal procedure (for example from Sevington), for the DUCR to be recognised by GVMS, it must contain some specific data;


  1. Ensure type of Export declaration is correct depending on GB exit point (EX A or EX D)
  2. The Location of Goods (box 30) must contain a GVMS location
  3. The reference “RRS01” must be included in box 44 of the export declaration
  4. For CDS exports from GVMS ports which operate the ‘arrived” export model, the reference ‘EXRR’  needs to be included in section D.E.3/40


If these conditions are not met in a specific DUCR, any GMR created using this DUCR will not be finalisable.


In all cases, the export declaration should have received Permission to Progress (P2P) before being entered in GVMS.


TransitNet’s GVMS service will be updated and as of August 1st, any GMR created via TransitNet along with a simplified procedure transit from Great Britain will be automatically created using the DUCR number which should be added by the user in the Accompanying Document section.


Transits which travel through GB to Ireland/Northern Ireland/Europe will not be affected.


Transits originating from a location with one or more of the below authorisations can still be used to create a GMR.


  • Customs Supervised Export (CSE),
  • Designated Export Places (DEPs),
  • Internal Temporary Storage facilities (ITSFs), or
  • Export Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).


SGS TransitNet is ready to meet all your GVMS requirements.

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