Important changes for goods entering the UK via the Dover Straits

Since the UK’s departure from the EU in December 2020, the commercial operators at Dover Western Docks and Stop 24 have collaborated with HMRC to facilitate the new customs processes.
Now that the Sevington and Holyhead sites are open and fully functioning, the additional capacity at DWD and Stop 24 is no longer necessary. Therefore, HMRC recommends that you start using the facilities at Sevington from now on.

Sevington can accommodate live animals under a carnet/CITES permit, primarily horses or cats/dogs for breeding, as well as strategic exports/sanctioned goods.


While DWD and Stop 24 will continue to provide customs services, they will charge their standard commercial rates. DWD and Stop 24 will still provide facilities for Sevington prohibited vehicles, such as dangerous/hazardous goods, which must be handled at these locations. These checks will remain free of charge.


The attached annex provides information on goods that should continue to be presented at DWD or Stop 24. This is not a comprehensive list, please refer to the detailed guidance on GOV.UK.


The following hazardous goods are excluded:

  • class 1 substances and articles (explosives) and class 4.1 substances (polymerizing substances)
  • category I or II nuclear material
  • high consequence dangerous goods
  • class 6.1 substances (insecticides)
  • vehicles subject to Special Types General Order (STGO) 2003

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