TransitNet | info sheet

TRANSITNET is a universal, multimodal e-customs transit guarantee service where SGS acts as Holder of the Procedure (HoP) towards customs on behalf of its clients (transporters, brokers, freight forwarders, etc), enabling our clients to create transit declarations…

SGS TransitNet: Ireland Services

In Ireland SGS TransitNet provides a unique package that offers Irish companies a cheaper, more efficient, multinational e-customs transit service – without the need to have your own guarantee or software. Our aim is to take as much of the complexity away from our clients as possible.

SGS TransitNet: UK Services

From January 2021, the UK will effectively become what is known as in customs terms, a ‘third country’. As a result, any goods UK to EU and vice versa will require Customs Declarations. Transit is a customs procedure which moves the import clearance of the goods away from the entry point of the EU to an inland location closer to the destination of the goods.